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Employees working under the umbrella of the DOT in violation of the Department of Transportation Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing rules (49 C.F.R. § 40) are under strict parameters before being allowed to return to duty or be hired to perform work in a “safety sensitive” position. These drug and alcohol assessments for DOT employee can only be performed by a qualified SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) who has obtained additional training and certification to conduct such assessments per Federal regulation. Per Federal regulation all DOT/SAP assessments must be performed in person. Please contact us to discuss your situation and location to determine if our services are appropriate for you.

If you do not work under DOT regulations, Oak Tree’s employer required clinical substance abuse assessment should meet the requirements of your employer.

However, please check with your employer prior to registering with us to be certain which type of assessment is needed.

All Oak Tree assessors possess the credentials and qualifications to perform DOT evaluations.