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Oak Tree drug and alcohol evaluation group provides clinical substance abuse assessments and evaluation for Courts, Judges, Corrections System, Probation Officers, Drug Diversion, Forensic Assessments, Attorney’s, DMV, BMV, and Family Court (Child Custody/Divorce).

Our assessments feature the use of standard and proprietary diagnostic screening tools to rule-out bias and achieve accuracy. All diagnostic determinations are made utilizing American Psychiatric Association DSM-5 criteria. Clinical recommendations for treatment (if appropriate) are indicated on the assessment report. Extensive and extended, reporting and consultation is available to third party collateral contacts when requested.

Requests for Client Records & Proof Of Compliance

Probation officers seeking information regarding client records may scan and email signed client consent to release information to support@oaktree.com

We welcome to address any questions you have by phone 1-855-762-3734 or via email info@oaktree.com