About Us

Oak Tree substance abuse, drug and alcohol assessment Group was formed with the mission to set the gold standard in online clinical substance abuse assessments and evaluation.

We provide our substance and alcohol assessment services online, and when appropriate, in person to individuals, employers, attorneys, judicial entities, correction systems, professional licensing boards, and consultation within the corporate sector addressing a variety of circumstances and situations:

  • Legal Charges for DUI and/or Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Driver’s License Reinstatement
  • Department of Transportation Evaluations
  • Family Court (Divorce and Child Custody)
  • Professional Licensing Boards (Health Care, Legal, etc.)
  • Individuals and/or families with substance abuse related concerns

Oak Tree operates on a set of values and ethical practices that ensure our clinical assessments and evaluations are of highest quality to meet the requirements of all our clients. We provide our clients with services that are convenient, save time, and maintain privacy, doing so at an affordable rate maximizing the use of online technology. We assure professional, competent, and courteous customer care to all our clients.

Our drug and alcohol assessments feature the use of standard and proprietary diagnostic screening tools to rule-out bias and achieve accuracy. All diagnostic determinations are made utilizing American Psychiatric Association DSM-5 criteria. Clinical recommendations for treatment (if appropriate) are indicated on the assessment report.