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Welcome to Oak Tree Substance Abuse Assessment Group!  We provide convenient, secure, affordable, and comprehensive substance abuse assessments.  We have 30 years combined experience providing clinical substance abuse assessments in an array of clinical contexts to assist our clients to meet the requirements of court proceedings, correctional systems, DMV, and employment processes.

Our Services

Do you need a substance abuse assessment?  Our services exist to solve these problems.  We handle all of your needs online, saving you time and travel expenses.  You satisfy your legal requirements from the privacy of your home or office without stepping foot into a mental health or substance abuse clinic.


What is the Process of a Substance Abuse Assessment and What Should I expect?

The purpose of a substance abuse assessment is to determine if an individual has a problematic or dependent relationship with substances, the extent of the problem, and if co-occurring conditions exist along with any substance abuse issues.  Recommendations are made following the assessment that assist the client to address problems (if any) that are present.

Our assessments begin with a personal interview, where the client is asked questions specific to his or her use of substances, and the effects the use of substances are having on the client’s life. The personal interview is followed by a comprehensive biopsycosocial assessment. A biopsycosocial assessment is a series of questions asked to obtain information regarding the client’s overall physical, psychological, and social well-being.  Lastly, standardized diagnostic tests are given, all of which are objective tools designed to help the assessor rule-out bias.

Our assessments are acknowledged and accepted by court proceedings, Federal and State Correction Departments, DMV, professional licensing boards, private employers, and employees working under the umbrella of the Department of Transportation who are in violation of Federal Drug and Alcohol testing rules.

Your situation may have been an unusual incident.  It may be due to a brief period of time related to major life stress or events that are now in the past.  Your situation may reflect a problematic or dependent use of substances.  There are many points along the continuum of alcohol and drug use.  The assessor’s goal is to be accurate and thorough so you do not waste time and money on an assessment that does not meet the standards of the entity who is requiring you to be evaluated.

You are provided a written report of your assessment and you, and your assessor, will have a verbal discussion reviewing all the assessment findings.  We will provide you a copy of the assessment, and if you request, with your written consent, we will send the report directly to the entity who required you to obtain a substance abuse assessment in a timely and professional manner.

Oak Tree will conduct your assessment within 1-2 business days of purchasing an assessment. You will receive your finished report and verbal review within 3-4 business days without any additional fees. We also offer a variety of rush services with fees that vary according to your needs. Same day, weekend, and holiday rush service is also available.

How much does an assessment cost at Oak Tree?  We provide the highest quality professional substance abuse assessments, and highest customer service available.  We do so, at a price that is in general 25% cheaper than most businesses offering the same services.

At Oak Tree our goal is to understand your individual situation, and to provide our services with the least amount of stress so you can move forward to a healthy and productive life.

-Oak Tree Will Get You Moving Forward, So You Can Move On.